Pet Furniture Protection Possibilities

Having a pet at your home definitely brings a bunch of positive emotions, however, cats and dogs can scratch and chew your furniture and eventually destroy it. The best pet furniture protection is teaching your pet to stay away from your furniture. Timing is very important, and the sooner you start teaching, the better. When your pet is small, it’s much easier and more effective. If your pet is already big, you might need some other ways of pet furniture protection.

Some pet owners think that the best furniture protection from cats is declawing their pet, but this procedure is painful for cats and may even cause psychological problems since the cat won’t be able to defend itself. Cat trees and scratching posts might be an ideal solution to protect your expensive furniture from being constantly scratched by your cat. Scratching posts can be found in a great variety of sizes, styles and colors and finding the one that will best fit your room decor will not be a problem. They are durable and will serve your cat needs for years.

You can purchase special furniture protection pads to keep your furniture safe from scratching. You can also apply pet protection for sofas by simply covering them with blankets or slip-covers. If you want to break your cat’s habit of scratching the furniture at particular places, you can cover furniture with plastic. Whatever you do to save and protect your furniture and flooring from being destroyed by your pet, you should be patient and persistent.…